Post-Op & Body Contouring

Our body contouring services are designed to help you achieve your desired body shape and silhouette, using advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you’re looking to slim down, tone up, or target specific areas, our expert team is here to help you reach your goals.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage treatment is a type of massage that stretches the skin and helps promote the flow of lymphatic fluid from swollen areas. Often prescribed to reduce edema post surgery, studies have shown that MLD speeds recovery and improves appearance. This rehabilitative therapy is an excellent adjunct to other treatments… Learn More
Body contouring refers to a set of procedures which can improve the overall appearance of the body shape and skin tissue. Body contouring treatments can be used to remove pockets of excess fat or tighten loose skin on different areas of the body. Some of the most common body contouring treatment areas include the abdomen, chin (submental area), upper arms, inner thighs, and flanks (love handles). Body contouring procedures are used to remove excess area of stubborn fat or sagging skin, which cannot be reduced through diet and exercise… Learn More
Cellulite Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that targets and destroys fat deposits which reduces the appearance of cellulite. This extremely powerful treatment breaks down the cellulite cells and helps to increase blood flow and promote the condition of the skin. The natural elimination of toxins and waste from the ultrasonic waves help to tighten your skin and improve its appearance. After your first treatment you will notice firmer and smoother skin tone as well as more defined body contours and a reduction in stretch marks… Learn More
Carboxytherapy treatment uses the injection of carbon dioxide gas beneath the skin to increase circulation and stimulate new cell turnover. This non- surgical treatment has been used since the 1930’s to help reduce fatty deposits, and lessen the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, acne scars and marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and significantly reduces dark under-eye circles. The infusion of carbon dioxide can be used anywhere on the body for the reduction of fatty deposits… Learn More
Mesotherapy is a form of alternative medicine which involves intradermal or subcutaneous injections of pharmaceutical preparations, enzymes, hormones, plant extracts, vitamins, and/or other ingredients such as hyaluronic acid… Learn More