Laser Hair

No More Unwanted Hair or Ingrowns

Laser Hair Removal effectively eliminates facial and body hair by targeting the hair follicles with a beam of light. This successful, fast and safe method utilizes the most advanced hair reduction technology designed to leave your skin smooth and hair free.

What it does:

  • Eliminates and reduces facial and body hair
  • No downtime and no surgery
  • Long lasting results
  • Significant reduction of ingrown hairs
  • Suitable for MOST hair types and ALL skin types


By targeting laser energy into the root of the hair, this technology effectively ‘turns off’ and disables the hair follicles. The beam of energy is aimed directly into the pigment of the hair which after a series of treatments, permanently damages and reduces the hair.

During your session, bright flashes of light are emitted onto the unwanted hair follicle for just a fraction of a second. The concentrated beam of light selectively targets and destroys the hair follicle. The hair then typically falls out 2-3 weeks after your treatment. Laser hair removal is an exceptional way to get long lasting hair free results for any body part except near the eyes.
By depositing cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin on the eyes, lips and/or eyebrows, permanent color and shading removes the need to apply conventional makeup. At first the pigments may appear sharp or dark immediately following your procedure. The color then softens as the skin heals and naturally exfoliates by peeling a bit. A few days later the true color emerges revealing natural, sweat and oil resistant permanent makeup.
Very Safe! You may have some slight redness and although very rare, some pigmentation to the skin. If you are pregnant or think you may be, or are taking acne medication you should consult with your doctor before beginning laser hair reduction treatments.